Magazine Cartoon Markets

Many markets will accept email submissions but some prefer submissions by regular mail or through a program such as Submittable. To find information about all markets I suggest you subscribe to Gag Recap or purchase the annual Artists & Graphic Designers Market directory. Another good reason to subscribe to Gag Recap is because this publication describes actual cartoons each publication is buying. This gives you a better idea of what they are seeking.

I suggest you also sign up for my free email newsletter since new markets I uncover will be announced in that email. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Markets Which Accept Submissions by Email

This list and links are real time-savers to cartoonists who use it to submit their work to magazines. Unfortunately there are some jerks out there who misuse this service for their own personal spamming. For this reason this list is no longer made public. Cartoonists who wish to use it or who have used it in the past should contact me and I will set them up with a private page for this purpose. There is no charge to do this.

In Gag Recap you will find plenty of good cartoon markets which require submissions by mail or Submittable. These include such publications as Boys Life, The New Yorker, Dakota Country, the Wall Street Journal, and more.